For comparison, we have selected the five best Mac virus removal applications. The study was conducted in two stages. At the first stage, we have analyzed documentation and information materials on the manufacturer’s website for each product. As result, we have defined a set of functions for each of the computer malware removal Mac apps and a list of criteria for comparison.

At the second stage, all Mac cleaner virus apps were installed on a computer with the Mac OS operating system, and the operation of a number of key functions was checked – an anti-virus scanner and monitor, Internet protection, etc.

It is worth noting that a number of manufacturers have security systems for OS class Internet Security, but they were not included in this comparison since conventional antiviruses are considered.

MacBook air virus removal

As the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said: “Everything flows, everything changes.” More recently, the Mac OS did not need any antivirus tools, as it was considered very reliable and resistant to infection (the roots of this operating system lead to the family of *nix-systems).

And today, OS needs (albeit not as actively as Microsoft Windows) antivirus protection. In order to understand the nature of such a turn of fate, it is necessary to make a small excursion into history. Until a certain point in its development, the computer world of application programs lived in two parallel platforms – PowerPC, represented by Apple and its offspring – Mac OS and traditional for the general public Intel x86 with then-dominant Microsoft Windows.

And, if for the PowerPC platform the viruses were, rather, from the realm of exotics, then Intel x86 represented first by DOS, and then by Windows, was very full of attacks. Since then, there has been a strong belief that Mac OS is immune to malware.

To make you feel sure about the need to have the best virus removal for Mac installed on your device, have a look at the latest State of Malware Report. It’s showing us how mac devices are becoming vulnerable.

Macbook virus removal top solutions

Kaspersky Security Dr.Web Clario Bitdefender Norton
Real-time protection + + + + +
Checking messages using the POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 protocols + + + +
HTTP Verification + + + +
Site Reputation Check + + + +
Checking files received via IM iChat + +
Heuristic Analysis + + + + +
Exploit Protection + +
Cloud technologies + +
Parental control +
Virtual keyboard +

Kaspersky Security

You’ve probably heard at least something about this brand. It’s been popular for the last decade. The interface of this virus removal Mac application is not very user-friendly and you have to spend a bit of time to get started. The range of features is great, so you will get a good level of security when online.

Cost: $23.99

macOS version: X 10.6 and newer


This application is widely used among PC users and it’s gaining more and more popularity for the users. The interface of this Mac virus removal app is intuitive, so you will spend only a few minutes figuring out how to start the first scan.

Cost: $23.99

macOS version: X 10.4 and newer


This top application is brand new and it has the most attractive interface among its competitors. It’s easy to start as there’s nothing extra. All the actions are visualized, so this virus removal for Mac will surely win the hearts of Mac users.

macOS version: X 10.6 and newer


It’s a nice Macbook virus removal software that protects your device. It has all the basic features as protection from ads and malware. 

Cost: $29.99/year

macOS version: 


It’s one more popular Macbook air virus removal app. You can use it for one or several devices at once even if they are with Windows OS on them. This app is good for detecting malware but it may slow down the work of your operating system

Cost: $39.99/year

macOS version:

What virus removal for Mac to choose?

Today we reviewed and compared 5 Mac computer virus apps. All of them differ in capabilities, in some ways even dramatically. But we think that Clario deserves more attention as it was designed specifically for the macOS system and it provides great features in a combination with an attractive user interface.