First of all it’s necessary to realize the way penetrates your Mac. It comes into the computer when you use a free software. Then the process of contamination happens in the downloading package. Therefore you can send yourself some free software and Genieo will be embedded as an application. Since, after virus is located in your Mac, all web crawlers settled on your computer are under its effect. That’s why instead of your preferential pages you will be redirected to the pages that computer program offers you.


What is Genieo? Where does it come from?

Genieo is a malicious program that, after installation, changes your internet provider settings sometimes it’s called pup-gen virus. Also this bug is a browser hijacker that constantly redirects people to where they don’t ask. These redirects occur because of different cyber criminals’ attacks. And any portals that you have installed on your computer (Chrome, Mozilla) is affected by this virus.Then the trojan changes a homepage on any web spider that you have on computer. So that it is better to remove as soon as possible.

Sometimes It is possible that the malware recommendation module was accidentally installed as a pseudo-update of an existing extension without your permission. In addition, it monitors user activity and directs you to certain commercial sites and offers.


Manual how to uninstall Genieo malware from Mac:

  1. Update Mac to the latest version and reboot it.
  2. In the Applications folder search for all unwanted apps (Softonic, for instance) that could be installed accidentally or without your permission.
  3. Activate Safari browser , click on its menu and choose Preferences.
  4. In the Extensions tab uninstall all unknown suspicious extensions.
  5. in the General tab, reload your homepage and turn ‘default mode’ on for a search engine.

The removal of ransomware for Chrome or another browser,  you should do the same above to check extensions and settings.

All in all, you need to remember that Genieo is deeply embedded in Mac, so following the instructions is the right way to protect your Mac. If you cannot get rid of the virus, your computer may be disconnected automatically or even damaged. In order not to lose important files, documents, etc., back up them. In some cases, it is installed along with other programs too. Therefore take the steps described in this article to complete Genieo removal from your computer and from your Internet browser.