Having an antivirus on your Mac device is a good thing unless you want to download something from untrusted sites. It can be an absolutely safe file or archive but the antivirus application may not let you even open it once. It’s one of the reasons for disabling such software and add-ons on your device.

How to disable antivirus software on Mac

Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to disable the program. 

Step 1. Click on the Apple logo and choose System Preferences. You get to the many where you will be able to deal with the default Firewall.

Step 2. You can navigate through the icons or use the search field.

Step 3. Type in “Firewall” in the search field and you may see a new window where you can update the configuration of the Firewall or turn it off.

Step 4. Activate Advanced options to get access to some additional features that you can also configure on Mac.

Other ways to disable antivirus

If you use an application provided by not Apple, you will simply need to go to its settings. How do I disable antivirus software? It greatly depends on the software you are using. Unfortunately, there are apps that cannot be just turned off. You will have to remove them for some time or even forever.

How to disable antivirus software on Mac? Launch the program, find the settings and turn real-time checkups. Almost all the apps have this feature. This will let you be online without a strict supervision of the program.