It is a program that is used for creating backups and sending them to the cloud. You can use those backups if you have any crashes of the hard drive, your Mac is stolen, etc. However, this service is considered to be a virus by most of the users and it’s not so easy to get rid of. Follow the guide below to know more about MegaBackup agent removal.

What is MegaBackup?

MegaBackup cannot be named as a virus as it’s not a typical malware that we are all used to. This service is considered to be a probably unwanted program (PUP). A big number of users get it installed without their permission. It often goes together with other apps that you can download and install on your device.

You cannot wipe off it from your device as easily as any other app, so follow the guide below to make the process fast and easy.

How to remove MegaBackup Mac in two steps?

Here are two steps to uninstall this software on your Mac.

Step 1. Clear data in the system directories.

  • Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor. Find the virus and select Quit Process or Force Quit if the first variant doesn’t work.
  • Find Applications -> pull the icon to the Trash -> delete the files from the Trash.
  • Then go to the System Preferences -> pick Users & Groups -> Your login -> find the app and tick “-”.

Step 2. Clear browser data on Mac.

  • Open Safari -> go to Menu -> find Preferences -> select Privacy -> look for Manage website data -> Wipe off the cookies.
  • Open Chrome -> open the menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> find Privacy and Security -> select Clear browsing data -> you have an option to clear all the data or pick the period.

MegaBackup Mac virus

Megabackup may be one of the unwanted services on Mac. And it may be a bit difficult to delete this app in a traditional way. Repeat the steps from the guide above and get rid of this app in just a few minutes.

How to protect your computer? Technologies are developing, computing is becoming more accessible, the Internet is growing with its virtual threats. Now using a worldwide network without antivirus software is suicide for your computer.

Therefore, immediately after buying a Mac computer, you should install an antivirus program. Usually, you are offered to use such programs for money. First, for the purpose of familiarization, they give a free key, the service life of which lasts, as a rule, a month. After that, you need to buy paid keys with a life of six months, a year, two years, etc.