1.   Ignore the alarm

You should ignore the window and continue your research. If for some reason you can’t close the window, leave your web browser. And when that doesn’t help, restart your Mac.

  1.   Pay attention to links you open

Be careful about websites you visit and never ignore browser warnings about suspicious links, which can lead you somewhere unsafe. This also can be said about links attached to emails, don’t click on them if you aren’t sure where they can lead or who sent it to you, just remove them. Same thing concerns links in messaging apps. 

  1.   Use antivirus to remove Tapsnake

To remove it from your Mac computer use antivirus. Most antiviruses scan your Mac for popular Mac threats.


Short guide about Tapsnake virus

In fact, Tapsnake is more like a parasite. Do not panic if your browser displays alerts that claim that your computer is infected with this “virus”. This is a fraud. Fraudsters try to lure you into downloading malicious software. The scheme is simple. Scammers redirect browser to scam website. Fake page displays a fake virus scan report and makes its visitors download the fake software. Their main goal is to steal your personal information. Do not do this. Do not even interact with this page. You deal with criminals.


How to remove Tapsnake virus

Caution is the most important key when dealing with Mac computer threats. Check everything in the download manager of any app and stop using non approved sources or remove them. Accordingly, remove all the applications that were downloaded from any unreliable source. Be careful with taking any apps by USB flash drive if you aren’t sure about the source of the app. Remove what is suspicious and track the work of your browser and whether you still receive those random pop-ups.

Is Tapsnake a real virus?

Tapsnake is not a virus, in general understanding, it is a fake error, which is set to make users believe that their Mac computer has broken or a suspicious program has been detected. All it does is just try to scare users into taking action and downloading a potentially unwanted program. The best way to avoid Tapsnake is to ignore suspicious websites and do antivirus check-up regularly.